Dancing With Lies - Book 1

Release date: 31st May 2021


From barre to bar, sweet to sin.
When her parents died, Roxie’s dream of being a ballet dancer died with them.
The once sweet and innocent girl was now a woman who stripped for a living.

This wasn’t the life she thought she’d be living.
Her world was turned upside down.
She told herself the pole was like the barre—just vertical.
At least she still got to do what she loved most, the only thing that kept her sane—dancing.

Now, she has a new life and friends who love her.
She thought her old life was done and dusted... until he appeared.

Lincoln—the swim team captain turned tech billionaire.
Gorgeous, clean-shaven, and… oh so vanilla. There’s no space for him in this dark world of hers.
Especially if she wants to leave the past where it belongs and her secrets hidden.

Dancing With Temptation - Book 2

Release date: 26th July 2021


They made a deal.
And Roxie will honor it, no matter what it takes.

Lincoln is back in her life, there’s no denying it.
He made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

She thought it would be over quickly. Then she’d be rid of him.
But now, a simple deal has turned into something more.
It was a mistake—a big fat one.
The same one that she had made ten years ago.
The same one that she never thought she’d repeat.

Roxie spent years putting herself back together.
Seeing Lincoln again hasn’t been easy.
He brings up too many emotions that she tried to bury: guilt, shame, fear, pain, grief.
She hated him for showing up.
For snaking his way back not only into her life, but her heart.

The longer she stays, the harder it is for her to leave.
Now, cracks have started to appear, and if she’s not careful, she’ll be back in pieces...

Dancing With Doubt - Book 3

Release date: 11th October 2021


She plays hide. He plays seek.
Except she disappeared for a reason.
Because her life was in danger.

After all these years, Roxie still has no idea if it’s safe to come out of hiding.
It’s not a risk that she’s willing to take.
But the more time she spends with Lincoln, the more he reminds her of who she used to be.

Just as she thought he could keep her safe...
Someone from her past shows up.
Feeling betrayed, Roxie now has to face things she wasn’t ready to deal with.

How much more trouble will Lincoln bring her?
Can she really trust him?

Dancing With Guilt - Book 4

Release date: 15th November 2021


Ready or not, here I come.

When it’s his turn to disappear, Roxie doesn’t like it one bit.
Not that Lincoln was in hiding—he was taken.
His life was in danger because of her.

She hated herself for letting it happen.
She should have stayed hidden, or pulled away when they got close.
That’s the reason she hid in the first place.
All she wanted was for Lincoln to come back to her safely.

But now that he’s back, he isn’t the same Lincoln.
Something happened when he was held captive.
Did he finally realize that Roxie was no good for him, that she was toxic?
Now she’s fallen for him, but is it all too late?
Will he leave her for good?

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  • "Her stories really just seem to come alive. They are so realistic, yet hot and sexy... She has this way of writing that draws the readers into the story and you can't help but fall in love."

    Patty Wilderman, F Buddy Review

  • "I love the way Summer makes the stories about more than just hot sex. And this book will make you laugh, cry, make you angry and a whole lot more. I can hardly wait to see what's next by this multi talented author."

    Charleann Davis, Date The Billionaire Review

  • "One exciting adventure, with twists and turns, suspense, secrets, and hot steamy sex! Loved the book!"

    Kathy, Dirty Cops Next Door Review

  • "OMG! There is a sex scene where there is NO communal touching but it is the MOST sensual I've ever read."

    Linda Reads, Kidnapped By 2 Men Review

  • "It had me completely captivated from the very start... an absolute must read."

    Sencillez, Boxer Next Door Review

  • "I loved this book so much. It was hot, sweet, emotional, sexy, cute and funny."

    ViolinVixen, Professor Next Door Review

  • "A romantic story in the making that will make you laugh, cry and all that other mess."

    Jessica Mitchell, Billionaire In Vegas Review

  • "You will love this mysterious, exciting, sad, sweet, and amazing Paranormal Romance!"

    Roxie Ferguson, Daddy's Home Review.

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