Rough Start - Book 1

Release date: 31st January 2020


Juvie kid. Jailbird mom. Runaway dad.
Kye had a rough start in life.
He had never loved anyone.
He was too scared of goodbyes...

But the summer he met Eliana, he couldn’t help falling in love… hard.
Maybe it was even love at first sight.
Like him, Eli had a tough childhood too.
Unlike him, she’s smart—Harvard smart.
She could leave this place.
Leave and have a much better life.

Kye will make sure of that!
He’ll spend the rest of his life protecting her.
He’ll do whatever it takes.
Even if it means joining the Demons.

Rough Ride - Book 2

Release date: 7th February 2020


Work. F@ck. Sleep. Repeat.
Life is meaningless without Eliana.

Kye has worked his way to the top of the club.
He’s slept with women that he didn’t care about.
It’s all for the only person that matters to him—Eliana.
It’s the only way he knows to protect her.

She may never understand.
She may never forgive him.
But he can live with that, as long as she’s safe.
She’s still his girl.
Always will be.

He’s been keeping his distance, helping her from afar.
But now, Eliana is forced back into his life...
Max wants her to pay what her father owes him.
A debt that seems impossible to settle.

Can Kye protect his love while proving his loyalty to Max and the club?

Rough Choice - Book 3

Release date: 14th February 2019


Pay your debt... or die.
There’s no way Eli could ever pay her father’s debt.
Not the way Max wanted her to.
The message is clear to everyone now.
Max wants Eli dead. Period.

But Kye won’t give up so easily.
There must be a way to keep her alive.
He’ll find a way.
He’ll make sure of it.

Easier said than done.
Kye’s words have no meaning to Max anymore — he’s lost his trust.
Praying and hoping for Max to somehow ‘disappear’ is no longer an option.

Kye must decide what matters most to him.
The Screaming Demons or Eli?
Where do his loyalties lie?

Rough Return - Book 4

Release date: 21st February 2020


Left for family. Returned for love.

Growing up as an orphan, Grier had no one.
Kye became the brother he never had.
So he had to have Kye’s back.
Always. No matter what.

Leaving Pine Hill wasn’t easy.
The MC is like his home.
Then there’s her — Fiona.
It was never his plan to leave her behind.
He didn’t have the chance to tell her...
How beautiful she was.
How she made him feel.
How much he wanted her.

Now he has to return, back to the MC.
But they won’t just forgive and forget.
They will want him dead.
But for her? It’ll be worth it.

Rough Patch - Book 5

Release date: 28th February 2020


This used to feel like home.

Grier had learned to keep his mouth shut growing up.
No one ever listened.
No one ever cared.

So he learned to watch, to observe...
He knows the Demons aren’t happy about his return.
He knows there’s only one reason he’s still alive — Fiona.

He needs her to know that he’s worth it.
Trust that he would always protect her.
Trust that he would do anything for her.
Trust that he would die for her.

But whatever feelings she may still have for him...
Trust is one thing she doesn’t.

Rough Road - Book 6

Release date: 6th March 2020


Home is wherever she is.

People want Grier dead.
That’s old news.
And he’d be happy to see them try.

But when they try to hurt Fiona and her baby, that makes his blood boil.
He never knew he could love someone this deeply.
Even if he doesn’t always know how to show it.
But there is one thing he can do — keep her safe.

If anyone dares to put her in harm’s way…
They’d better watch out.
There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her. Nothing.
Even if that means killing.

Rough Trip - Book 7

Release date: 13th March 2020


He should have died with them.

Sage couldn’t save his team.
He couldn’t even save Laura—the love of his life.

He swore he would never love again.
Never open himself up to feel that kind of pain.
Then he saw Mia…

He wants her oh so bad.
But he can tell Mia is different.
She’s not his usual one-night stand.
Besides, one night will definitely not be enough...

Rough Night - Book 8

Release date: 20th March 2020


It’s happening again.
That feeling is so familiar.
That feeling of loss.

Not so long ago, he wouldn’t have cared if he died.
Perhaps it meant he could be reunited with Laura and his team.

But now...
He wants to live another day.
He wants to live so he can see Mia again.
See her face.
Feel her skin.
Feel her touch.

Rough Love - Book 9

Release date: 27th March 2020


Sage will always love Laura.
When she died, he fought for years to keep her alive in his memory.

But now, with Mia, he’s found love again.
And he doesn’t want to lose it, he can’t.
He needs to move on.
He needs to finally let Laura go.

But when the past doesn’t stay in the past…
How do you let it go?

  • "Her stories really just seem to come alive. They are so realistic, yet hot and sexy... She has this way of writing that draws the readers into the story and you can't help but fall in love."

    Patty Wilderman, F Buddy Review

  • "I love the way Summer makes the stories about more than just hot sex. And this book will make you laugh, cry, make you angry and a whole lot more. I can hardly wait to see what's next by this multi talented author."

    Charleann Davis, Date The Billionaire Review

  • "One exciting adventure, with twists and turns, suspense, secrets, and hot steamy sex! Loved the book!"

    Kathy, Dirty Cops Next Door Review

  • "OMG! There is a sex scene where there is NO communal touching but it is the MOST sensual I've ever read."

    Linda Reads, Kidnapped By 2 Men Review

  • "It had me completely captivated from the very start... an absolute must read."

    Sencillez, Boxer Next Door Review

  • "I loved this book so much. It was hot, sweet, emotional, sexy, cute and funny."

    ViolinVixen, Professor Next Door Review

  • "A romantic story in the making that will make you laugh, cry and all that other mess."

    Jessica Mitchell, Billionaire In Vegas Review

  • "You will love this mysterious, exciting, sad, sweet, and amazing Paranormal Romance!"

    Roxie Ferguson, Daddy's Home Review.

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