Twisted Beauty - Book 1

Release date: 30th August 2021


Beauty is always queen.
With an abusive ex-husband, a father who didn’t care for her, and a mother who stole from her...
She had no money, no job, and no home to go back to.

Beauty queen. Prom queen. Head cheerleader. Footballer’s wife.
She did everything according to plan—a winning formula designed by her mother.
She should be living in a mansion, being served by maids, chauffeured in limos, and showered in money.
She should be sipping champagne with the other wives and girlfriends by the pool.
But she isn’t.

Just as the once-queen-of-everything thought her life couldn’t sink any lower...
A job landed on her doorstep.
One that wasn’t meant for her.
One that involved working for a gorgeous billionaire.
One that would get her life back on track—back to what it was supposed to be.

Twisted Love - Book 2

Release date: 27th September 2021


There’s always a bigger bully.
The old Keily wouldn’t have taken any BS from Logan.
He could be the most gorgeous man on Earth, the smartest, the richest.
No matter how much she desired him...
The beauty queen would never have bowed down to anyone.

Perhaps her divorce humbled her.
But queen or not...
She needed money in her pocket and a roof over her head.
She needed this job so desperately that her pride and ego had to suffer.
So she let Logan walk all over her.
Again and again.
Rubbing the dirtiest muck on her like the world’s most unworthy doormat.

Just as Logan thought he could get away with all his bullying…
Keily decided to fight back.
And that fight gave her the life that she always dreamed of.
Now she should be content.
Now she should be happy.
So why does she still feel so unfulfilled?

Twisted Fate - Book 3

Release date: 25th October 2021


The queen could do no wrong.
But it doesn’t mean she did no harm.

Like most bullies, Keily had no idea she was one.
Then just as she was falling hard for Logan...
She realized it was all a plot.

A plot designed especially for her.
For being the queen of nasty.
For being the key to a dreadful crime committed years ago.

That’s right. Karma is a bitch.
There’s no denying that she deserved it.

The question is, when will this punishment end?
Will she ever be forgiven?
Was it only ever revenge?
Or were some of those feelings real?

  • "Her stories really just seem to come alive. They are so realistic, yet hot and sexy... She has this way of writing that draws the readers into the story and you can't help but fall in love."

    Patty Wilderman, F Buddy Review

  • "I love the way Summer makes the stories about more than just hot sex. And this book will make you laugh, cry, make you angry and a whole lot more. I can hardly wait to see what's next by this multi talented author."

    Charleann Davis, Date The Billionaire Review

  • "One exciting adventure, with twists and turns, suspense, secrets, and hot steamy sex! Loved the book!"

    Kathy, Dirty Cops Next Door Review

  • "OMG! There is a sex scene where there is NO communal touching but it is the MOST sensual I've ever read."

    Linda Reads, Kidnapped By 2 Men Review

  • "It had me completely captivated from the very start... an absolute must read."

    Sencillez, Boxer Next Door Review

  • "I loved this book so much. It was hot, sweet, emotional, sexy, cute and funny."

    ViolinVixen, Professor Next Door Review

  • "A romantic story in the making that will make you laugh, cry and all that other mess."

    Jessica Mitchell, Billionaire In Vegas Review

  • "You will love this mysterious, exciting, sad, sweet, and amazing Paranormal Romance!"

    Roxie Ferguson, Daddy's Home Review.

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